Regal Cinemas Is Launching An Unlimited Movie Ticket Subscription Plan

Regal Cinemas will unveil its movie-ticket subscription plan, Regal Unlimited, by the end of July, according to Deadline.

  • Though details are not final, the tiered pricing could range from $18, to $21, to $24 per month, according to the trade.
  • The top tier will get you access to any Regal theater in the US. The lowest will get you into about half and if you don’t purchase the highest tier, and go to a Regal out of your network, you will be charged an added fee.

Regal Cinemas, the second-largest movie theater chain in the US, is getting into the movie-ticket subscription game.


The company is getting ready to launch a three-tier unlimited set up known as regal Unlimited by the tip of the month, according to Deadline.

The trade reports that details are still obtaining figured out, but that the chain is looking at tiered pricing ranging from $18, to $21, to $24 per month, which will be supported access to specific theater locations (not the broader region of the country wherever you reside, which AMC’s A-List and others base their pricing o).

That means if you pay the highest tier value, you will get access to any Regal in the US.
The lowest can get you access to regarding half the chain’s theaters.

If you don’t have the highest tier set up, and visit a Regal theater out of your network, you will be charged an added fee. It’s not final, but that fee could range between $2 and $3, according to Deadline.

The trade is additionally coverage that it’s attainable subscribers won’t have the choice to pay monthly, however instead annually for the plans, which pop out to $288 for the top might tier, $252 for the middle, and $216 for the lowest. Regal wasn’t directly out there to comment to Business business executive.

Regal has been organized in its launch of a subscription service, as it’s the last of the large 3 motion-picture show chains within the country to start out one. Outside of obtaining the mandatory blessings from the Hollywood studios (which takes time), Regal’s parent company, Cine world (the second-largest chain within the world), has taken the decade-long experience of doing subscription plans with its Cine world Unlimited in alternative areas of the planet to form however it desiresregal to tackle the trend within the United States of America.


Cinemark, with its Cinemark motion-picture show Club, was the primary of the massive 3 to come back out with an inspiration.

It is the foremost modest, as for $8.99 a month you get one standard-format ticket, a 20% discount on concessions, and no fees if you order tickets online.

AMC’s Stubs A-list prices $19.95 a month (or $21.95, or $23.95 in various regions of the country) and lets you see three movies per week.

The popularity of the service, that has snagged quite 860,000 subscribers in a year’s time, has helped fuel its Stubs rewards program to be used by over 50 million people.

And by the top of the year, Alamo Draft house will launch its subscription plan, Season Pass.

(The beta version of the service is going to be out there once the chain opens its initial l. a. location this month.)

The trailblazer of the movie-ticket subscription craze within the United States of America, Movie Pass, is still kicking though its fall has been dramatic.

Business business executive according in April that subscription numbers for the service has born from over three million to regarding 225,000, according to leaked internal data.

Its current “Uncapped” arrange puts no restrictions on the quantity of 2nd movies subscribers will see.
There is a catch, however: Movie Pass will throttle a subscriber’s access at its discretion.

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