Is Burning Series illegal?

Are you a TV series fan? Do you like to stream your favorite TV series? Everyone has one or the other TV series that they like the most and watch and follow it regularly. With the increase in online content streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, etc, streaming the latest TV series and movies has become quite easy. You no longer have to wait for the episode to broadcast on TV on a particular channel. You can watch your favorite TV series whenever you want, wherever you want. Though all these online streaming services are paid and require a monthly or yearly subscription for you to be able to stream anything. But there are some free alternatives too that provide a huge variety of online TV series and movies that you can stream for free. One such service is the Burning series. Burning series is an online platform that allows you to stream TV series without having to pay anything.

What is the Burning series?

The burning series was first launched in the year 2009. It is a german online content streaming service that started with the domain name It provides free streaming to all its users where you can stream all the latest TV series for free. Burning series has over 200,000 registered users and it was one of the most visited websites in Germany during its inception. In the year 2011, the burning series moved to a new domain name which was Later on in the year 2015, they moved to their currently active domain They also have backup domain by the name in case the primary domain is taken down or is down for any reason. Burning series is similar to online content streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc just the difference is that the Burning series has pirated content and therefore it is free. The burning series has a huge media library with a collection of old as well as new TV series. New TV series and episodes are being added regularly.

People can search for the TV series that they want to watch using the search option provided on the website itself. Talking about the website, the interface of the website is pretty clean and easy to use. The homepage features a list of all the newly added or updated TV series and you can also sort the TV series by their name or genre. The burning series also has a chatbox on the homepage of the website itself where registered users can chat with each other. You can use this feature to get recommendations and reviews about a particular TV series or episode.

Burning series has a community forum where you can meet other users of the burning series and share your thoughts and reviews with them. But to use the community forum you need to have account which is pretty easy to create. Burning series also provides a mobile application other than the website itself that you can use to stream TV series.
Since burning series provides so much content that too free, the question that arises is whether burning series is legal or not?

Is the burning series legal?

The short answer to this question is No. The burning series is not legal. But why you ask? Burning series has a huge library of streamable TV series which you can stream for free. But how does burning series keep all these services free? well, the simple answer is, Burning series is a pirate website that provides pirated content. Distributing any copyrighted media content without the permission of the copyright holder is illegal and an offense. Websites such as Burning series in most cases do not hold the copyright to any of the content they provide and therefore they are illegal distributors of the content.

In the early days burning series stood somewhere in the grey area as far as the legality of the website was considered. But since then a lot of laws and regulations have changed. Burning series does not host any of the streamable content directly on its own servers but it just provides the links to the hosted media from some other website or server. So burning series just acts like a glorified index that manages the listing and arrangement of the TV series it provides for streaming. But now, not only the distribution of copyrighted content is illegal. But in regions such as Europe, streaming copyrighted or pirated content is considered a crime and is illegal.

You can be issued a warning as well as a fine for streaming pirated content from any source. So the burning series’s website may be legal but the content that it provides is completely illegal. It is of much importance that users should take necessary precautions while streaming content from websites such as the burning series itself.


Burning series is a great free alternative to the paid online content streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, etc. Burning series has a huge library of old as well as new TV series that is updated on a regular basis. Burning series is a pirate website and therefore is illegal. Though burning service does not host any of the media content on its own servers rather they just provide the link to the media files stored on some other websites or servers. But this also comes under the illegal distribution of pirated media and therefore burning series is illegal.

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